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Juliane Wendlandt, I was born into a very silver-tongued and to be sold on literature family in 1979.

During my studies I have concentrated on the German Language, literature and intercultural communications.

Through my studies I obtained an excellent and indepth overview of German grammar, English, Spanish and French. Throughout studying these languages I have obtained a genuine interest in people from many cultures and countries.

In helping to get a better understanding in people, their needs, and their Language, I have studied in both France and the UK.

Once I moved back to Germany I have kept my friendships with those I met in foreign countries and this enables me to regularly practice my acquired languages. By living abroad and being immersed in other cultures gave me the desire to work professionally with people want to learn foreign languages.

For this reason I have dedicated my time to teaching languages (German, French and Spanish).

By giving my students an understanding of their desired language, they give me an understanding of their culture and way of life.

What a wonderful exchange.

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